Heroin Deaths on the rise

Heroin Deaths are rising and there seems to be little hope of curbing it. I am of the personal opinion that MAD or Medically Assisted Therapy is a positive option which has helped put my severe opioid addiction a thing of the past. People either love or hate the thought of buprenorphine (Suboxone). I personally feel that without it I would not be here today. This is kind of the reason that I wrote a short book. I intend to write more about Suboxone specifically because I want people to be aware that a way out IS available. Please comment and let me know how you all feel about Suboxone specifically.


5 thoughts on “Heroin Deaths on the rise

  1. Thank you for writing this, just a few hours ago I was talking to my “friend” who is in the same boat as I am about suboxone…he’s tried it he says “it absolutely helps 110% he’s been an addict longer than I….im going to make that call tomorrow to my local suboxone clinic and get this ball rolling I’m tired of this double life I lead…again thank you for writing this.


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