Author marketing is incredibly hard

Incredibly Incredibly Incredibly  HARD!!! I am in the midst of a dilemma I never thought Id be in. A good one to have, there is no doubt about that, yet a very difficult one. Writing a book these days is the EASY part I am beginning to find. Marketing however once the book is written, edited, copy edited, and then printed is a whole animal of itself. Amazon, my Amazon Author page, and my blog start it all off. These are the main points of my marketing. Add in all of the social media, Face Book (personal and page), Twitter, LinkedIn, GoodReads, Google, Youtube and all the others. My blog AND EMAIL marketing. It’s a jumbled mess. Plus I have to set up a blog tour for free exposure, an in person book signing and work and raise a 5month old. WOW. It’s a lot. I guess I am trying to devise a system to make it all work. Ill let ya guys know when I get it. 🙂


Ideas, Thoughts? I wanna hear them!!

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