Take A Walk In Our Shoes

OK everybody. Today is September 15, which means that the second annual take a walk in our shoes addiction awareness walk will be held THIS SUNDAY at Schouler Park on White Mountain Highway in North Conway NH.

What is all the fuss about? Well, for most of you who do not know me personally let me explain. The “TAWIOS” event was created by my mothers organization “MWVsupportsrecovery.org.” MWV stands for Mount Washington Valley. The area in which we live. I was a heavily addicted Opioid abuser for the better part of 10 years. Just about the time I decided to get my head out of my ass, my mom started this organization to fill the need to “DO SOMETHING” about the Heroin Epidemic. This is when the idea for the awareness walk came into play. Last year we had people from all around the County of Carroll walk with flags to spread the word about addiction. It was a pretty big sucess with over 100 attending.

This year, The walk is expected to be MUCH MUCH bigger. We are expecting around 500 people, radio broadcasting, local channel news, and local newspaper.

The event is from 10 am till 2 pm at the park. all are welcome. Food, games, resources. You name it and it will be there. Besides the “Official” release of your truly’s print book, “Heroin Addiction: A Guide For the Amateur,” Medical professionals, addicts, recovering addicts, law enforcement, politicians, all will be there to talk and network freely.

The main goal to raise the public’s awareness about addiction was reached last year. I believe that this year though, The recovery is possible message will be sent out as well.

So please join us if you are local enough, no pun intended. If you can’t join us, do me a solid and share this one on then eh?


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  1. I’ll post a link to your books on our Stop the Meth WV. I like to post about addiction since so many of our “Likers” don’t seem to understand that addiction is an illness.


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