Awareness Walk a Success

Today is Thursday September 22, 2016 and the “Take A Walk in our Shoes”Addiction Awareness walk was held on this past Sunday. First off, I’d like to say that the event was a COMPLETE SUCCESS!! I need to send out thank you’s to all of without this group, the walk NEVER would have gotten off of the ground. Second, all members of the McLaughlin family who attended. the support is appreciated. Many who walked and showed up at the park should also be mentioned. We did this for all of you!! Families of addicts who unfortunately lost their battle with addiction, I am sorry for your loss, but again, thank you for coming. CPD and BPD. Law enforcement is important and thanks to those who attended. The local and state reps who attended, thank you. Memorial Hospital, Thank you for the support and the donation. The conway daily sun, and all the volunteers.

If not for the threat of Thundershowers I believe we would have had a greater turnout. That’s okay though. Those who attended had a good time, good food, and healing.


Ideas, Thoughts? I wanna hear them!!

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