Humility and recovery

A very important part in ones addiction recovery is being able to recognize when being humble is important.
It is very easy, especially in today’s world, to forget where we come from or why we are here. I am not talking about the big philosophical why’ s that can be pondered for eternity. No. I am talking about remembering our families and friends who support us. I am talking about the situation’s in which we are in because of the past choices that we have made.
Now, these situations can be either positive or negative depending where we are located on our each individual paths in life. Positive situations and “happy” outcomes stem from hard work, good intentions and perseverance.
Negative situations and “depressing” outcomes come much more easily. It is often times easier to take the quick shortcut’s in life and not face the hard truth staring us in the face.
Humbling ourselves works as a grounding mechanism. Remembering who we are and why we are where we are in life, and that it is us who brought us here, keeps us whole, strong, focused and grounded.
To humble: lower (someone) in dignity or importance.


Ideas, Thoughts? I wanna hear them!!

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