Work ethic and recovery

A strong work ethic is something which seems to be lacking in today’s youth. I remember when I was a kid. At a very young age I realized that both my parents had a very strong work ethic. At the time I had no idea what that was or how important it can be. All I knew is that after school during the week only one parent was home to cook us dinner. Usually they took turns being there for us kids. They weren’t separated or divorced or anything. They were just working to get by and support us all. I believe that this instilled a sense of how important being employed is to me very young.
When I look at today’s youth whom I see from day to day whether in my job now or recovery, I notice a lethargic attitude towards life. Almost a life owes me attitude. I wonder how one comes to this conclusion.
Did their parents not work? Seems unlikely to me considering these youngsters are employed.
I guess it must be due to the digital age. How or why I do not know.
The reason I speak about work ethic today is to show how those who pride themselves at their jobs and make it a point to be employed strive forward easier when it comes to drug addiction recovery.
Whether their drug of choice is alcohol or pills, heroin or cocaine, the people who have steadily kept gainful employment seem to achieve sobriety and recovery easier. Is there a correlation there?
You tell me.


Ideas, Thoughts? I wanna hear them!!

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