$11M in heroin found in big rig pulled over for speeding


Another case of a large amount of drugs being seized.

This happened in California and 200#s of heroin was confiscated.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the timing of stories like this increasing? Does it not seem that everyday something similar to this is broadcasted on our local media outlets?

I remember when I was a bit younger. In my teens I actively used drugs a lot. I still however made time to read the newspaper and watch the local news. It seems to me that large busts like this were not happening every day. Or maybe the news just choose not to air them. I am not sure which is the truth. All I know is that if these large drug busts are increasing then the simple fact is that many more large amounts of illegal drugs are being funneled into our country. Heroin is not produced on a large scale anywhere in the USA. Is the demand higher now so that the cartels are sending more drugs in? Or did the cartels create this epidemic by flooding our streets? To many scary thoughts for me. We need to stem the flow of illegal narcotics into the USA.


Ideas, Thoughts? I wanna hear them!!

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