Heroin addict’s must “Recover from life”

Heroin or opioid Addiction Recovery is more than just quitting drugs. Recovery from drug abuse is a lot like recovery from life. From a life of Ill willed behavior and self gratification.
Most opioid addict’s became addicted for universal reasons.
The most basic of those is to escape. Drugs and alcohol enable the user to escape from their lives at that moment. Not just mentally, but physically and spiritually as well. The need to escape begs the question,”Escaping from what?”

The answer to that is the million dollar question. For most it is pain.

Physical pain.
Emotional pain.
Spiritual pain.
Drugs enable a temporary escape from all the pain that we here as human beings now endure.
Usually the drug use ends up causing more pain, intern begging more escape.
It’s a vicious hamster wheel that once spinning is very hard to even realize your on, never mind stopping the spinning and getting off of the ride.
This is why recovery is so important to do right. Just quitting the drug isn’t enough. If that is all that someone does, relapse is certain to be imminent.
Recovery from drug abuse is a process of learning how to live correctly. This is why 12 step meetings are so important to an addict in early recovery. The addict Learns how to live right here.
How to act, how to talk, and even how to be responsible. Heroin and opioid addiction is a lot like alcoholism in that during addiction most suffering don’t even realize what they are doing not only to themselves, but the people close to them. Family. Friends. If they do realize what they are doing to their loved ones they either can’t or won’t stop.
Sometimes the correct behavior of a responsible adult has never been taught to the person as a child.
This is why long term recovery is crucially a life learning process.
If we don’t learn new behaviors and new coping techniques then we are simply doomed to slide back to old habits.




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