Mexican Cartels are taking over the US Heroin Drug Market

According to a story by Christopher Woody of the web site Business Insider Mexican Heroin is taking over the drug market.
Heroin is produced in four major areas of the world. Mexico, South America, Southwest Asia, and Southeast Asia. All sources product can be found somewhere in the United States.
The DEA writes in it’s 2016 National Drug Threat Assessment that “Mexico is the predominant source of heroin in the United States.”
Columbia is the main producer of heroin in South America which ranks second only to Mexico in regards to the heroin found in the United States.
“Mexico and, to a lesser extent, Columbia dominate the U.S. heroin market because of their proximity, established transportation and distribution infrastructure, and ability to satisfy heroin demand in the United States,” DEA reports.
Everywhere in the United States reports more heroin available in 2016 than previously. In 2012 The DEA says that Mexican Cartels dominated 50% of the heroin drug market. The Mexican Cartels expanded that market share to 80% in 2014.
Guerrero state located on Mexico’s southwest coast is a major opium producer tucked far away from any government control.


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