Big Pharma Perdue Fights OxyContin Addiction With IPhone App

March 31, 2017, C. Spinney Big Pharma has taken a lot of hits in being suspected of major moves contributing to the massive Opioid Epidemic now facing America. The Pharma giant’s 1990’s era marketing push for the then branded low addictive possibility drug, is being blamed for the over 165,000 prescription painkiller overdoses in 1999 America. Recent findings are showing huge increases in heroin use and opioid addiction, especially in young white American males.

Can a huge Pharma entity curb the problem that it has had such a huge part in creating an app?

Pharma giant Perdue is partnering up with Geisinger Health System of Pennsylvania to try and find out just that. The OxyContin producer has sponsored a study using the digital information;n from an Apple and iPhone app. In the app chronic pain suffers will log in symptoms.

With this information, Doctors can monitor and better understand patients and their diseases so they may better prescribe dangerously addictive pain meds only when necessary.

Some believe this is just a push for Perdue to gain some positive press.

“I’m sure [Purdue is] looking for some positive press out of this, [so they can] say, ‘We’re trying to make things better,'” Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School professor Robert Jamison told BuzzFeed News.

Claiming nothing but the purest of intentions, Purdue affirms the halo around their head is none other than an honest attempt at helping to curb this health crisis. Perdue in the past has paid for drug monitoring programs aimed at helping doctors better see the risks of addiction in certain patients.

Perdue isn’t alone. Other big Pharma and insurance companies have made a recent push into helping with the current opioid addiction epidemic. New narcotic painkiller-dispensing ideas, as well as opioid alternative treatments, exist to help curb the battle.


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