What Makes a Writer a WRITER?

The days of sending manuscripts to exuberantly prodigious publishing firms seem to be a thing of the past. We’re in a digital era. A connected world where anybody who feels the need to put pen to paper, black to white, or fingers to keys, simply does so without a second thought to it. The question that I pose to everybody, however, obtuse as it may be, is what really makes somebody a writer?

Is it a published book?
Anybody with the will and the drive can become a published author today. Simply write a book, edit to your heart’s desire, and upload to Amazon, Create-Space, Lulu, or any one of the dozens of self-publishing platforms available online today. Even yours truly has done this so, clearly, this isn’t it.

Is it a massive blog with thousands upon thousands of subscribers?
Blogs have become the way of digitizing everyone and anyone’s lives. Blogs are free to start, and in most cases can be monetized fairly simply. Aunt Betsy can start a blog with her favorite holiday recipes, just as easy as Uncle Bill can write about why the Red Sox don’t have a chance in hell this year. Getting a massive amount of subscribers may be the toughest part of creating a successful blog, however, if your not in it to retire, who really cares how big a blog gets?

Is it a social media following that gets the person an “Influencer” status?
It matters not which social channel used, we are often judged by how many people our posts, tweets, likes, or favorites touch each day. With enough clout in the social media world, a person can make a full time living just commenting and liking products for companies. Sounds interesting, but I’ll pass thanks.

How about a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University?
Prestigious colleges with degrees that take years to complete could constitute writers or journalist. Doesn’t one need to land a job in the said field before actually considered to be a writer though? Also, Not all writers are journalists, but are not all journalists writers? Clearly, a degree helps but does not define a writer.

Maybe we all have writers inside, screaming and clawing their way out when the instance, will or desire presents itself. Most of us absolutely have the capability, thanks to a basic and general education provided by our parent’s tax dollars.

What really makes a writer?
If you ask me it’s anyone who has the desire to write!
So grab your laptop, phone, tablet or even that now forbidden yellow legal pad with a pencil. Start jotting down anything that comes to mind. More often than not, you will surprise even yourself.
As the great Ernest Hemingway said,
“It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.”


A Year After PizzaGate

As one of the millions that watch the nightly news entertainment on the big media channels every day, I personally remember the breaking of the alleged scandal Pizzagate. After about a year since the story broke, I felt that it was time to do a little rehashing of what happened, and how it made such a huge impact on American Politics and the future of America as a whole.

“Pizza-gate” is a “Conspiracy theory that, when emerged, really proved that timing is everything. Towards the end of the 2016 United States Presidential Election, the social media account of a rumored white supremacist claimed on October 30, of 2016 that the NYPD was actively investigating emails found on now ex-democratic congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop in part of a sex-ting scandal Weiner eventually plead guilty too.

Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in prison, ordered to pay a $10,000 fine and is now a registered sex offender for the rest of his natural life due to the sex-ting with minors he admitted to taking part in. The claim on Twitter, goes on to report that a large pedophilia ring linked to high ranking democratic party officials, coupled with the internet hack of Hillary Clinton’s campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails released on Wikileaks in November of ‘16, lead to conjecture stating that certain phrasing, words, or sentences in the Podesta emails were slang or coded messages relating to human trafficking, pedophilia, and  all was purported to be linked to a group practising satanic ritual abuse. The story proliferated, and many fake news sites jumped on, discrediting the story and even making false claims such as Hillary Clinton’s private property was being raided by the NYPD.

Pizzagate eventually evolved into what is now known to be Pedogate. Each has the assumption, that an Ultra-rich class of satanic elites, under the direction of the NWO or “New World Order” run a worldwide pedophile, human/sex trafficking outfit.

Ping Pong Anyone?

District of Columbia local business “Comet Ping Pong” was alleged to possibly be “ground zero” for the demonic occult activity. Founded in 2006 Comet Ping Pong’s owner, as well as the businesses staff, became the center of a massive verbal assaulting through social media and telephone calls to the establishment. Even bands who had played at the venue in the past were dragged into the fight and many had to either delete their social media accounts completely or close down the commenting ability on their YouTube videos because of the digital harassment from being acquainted with Comet Ping Pong. On December of 2016, a 28-year-old man from North Carolina discharged a rifle in the restaurant of Comet Ping Pong, in an attempt to uncover the supposedly hidden human/child trafficking element. He found nothing of the sort and was subsequently arrested. It is also theorized that the Logo for Comet Ping Pong has “Illumaniti symbolism” or symbols that only those in the group would understand by having a triangle inside a triangle.


Odd enough, the reported owner of Comet Ping Pong’s name is James Alefantis,

James Alefantis (aka jimmycomet) –> J’aime les enfants (French) –> I love children (English)

Original Reddit post that started it all here.

Many neighborhood businesses located near Comet Ping Pong also received threats by telephone and social media, and even a restaurant in NY called Roberta’s was alleged to be a part of the sex ring because someone quoted it as a Clinton family favorite.

In March of 2017, the FBI formally investigated Pizzagate related telephone and social media threats, as part of the alleged 2016 Presidential Election and Russian interference.

The Podesta Connection

John Podesta, Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign and President Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff, had his personal Gmail account hacked in the spring of 2016. Using a technique called “Spear phishing,” the hackers attacked over a thousand Google accounts, many of which were linked to the Clinton ‘16 campaign. Even though it was Podesta’s personal email account on the Google server breached, many of the emails compromised by the attack were in fact work or government related. Released by Wikileaks in the fall of ‘16 the emails totaled over 20,000 pages of material. Internet security experts believe the emails were, in fact, most likely original, however, both the Clinton campaign and Podesta himself refused to confirm or deny the validity of the content. A hacker group, known to be called “Fancy Bear,” is said to most likely be behind the spear phishing email which was sent to Podesta. It used a link shortening service such as bits, and when clicked brought the person to a Google login screen where when filled out, compromised the account.

Fancy Bear is said by many to be tied to the Russian Military Intelligence group GRU, which reports directly to the President of Russia. Fancy Bear is a cyber spy group which uses its hacking abilities to further the political interests of the Kremlin. December 9, 2016, the US Intel community, with the CIA, informed members of Congress, that the Russian government intervened in the ‘16 US presidential election, and gave the Podesta emails to Wikileaks.

The Podesta Coincidence

In another related or unrelated incident, I’ll let you be the judge, John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta are rumored to be involved with the disappearance of a young girl in Portugal.

On May 3rd 2007, Madeleine McCann, who was born 5/12/2003, seemingly disappeared from her bed of the vacation apartment her family was staying in at a resort in Portugal. This wouldn’t be a huge deal if the Podesta brothers hadn’t been vacationing at the same time at associate Clement Freud’s residence, located roughly a third of a mile from Madeleine McCann’s abduction site.

Ol’ Pal Freud

It is interesting to note that Sir Clement Freud, an ex-celebrity, and European politician, has been accused of being a pedophile himself and allegedly assaulted and abused girls as young as ten years old for many many years. Even creepier is the fact that Freud decided to invite the family of the young McCann girl to the same villa that the Podesta brothers stayed at, befriending them while hosting them on two separate occasions after the alleged abduction. The McCann family had kept in contact with Freud by email and phone until it was revealed to them that Freud was, in fact, a pedophile.

Other than the coincidental timing of the Podesta brothers vacation, there are police generated sketches of the “persons of interest” in the McCann missing person case. There are actually two different sketches of the perv or pervs wanted for questioning, one eerily similar to John Podesta, the other, you guessed it, has a striking resemblance to Tony Podesta.


Although much of the Pizzagate Conspiracy theory has in fact been debunked by many different organizations such as the District of Columbia PD, the Washington Post, and many other major media outlets, the damage was for the most part done. Hillary’s ‘16 campaign suffered a massive blow from the negative publicity alone which probably contributed greatly to her inevitable defeat. Weiner is the only character in this unbelievable true-life drama, that has actually been brought to justice. Although it is said that there is no actual evidence of a democratic occult elite, real-life concubines, or children traded and killed for satanic rituals, the thought that grabs me is where does this stuff come from? Sure everything gets blown out of proportion, especially by the mass media. Remember the game telephone as a child? The fact remains that usually there is a grain of truth to every lie, no matter how big the lie eventually gets. Conspiracy theorists are still reeling from the emails obtained and the emails were never actually discredited. Quite the contrary actually. Pizzagate may have been debunked yes. The question I pose is best said in the book of Genesis when Cain says to GOD, “Am I my brother’s Keeper?”

YES!! We all are!

We are all responsible for spreading good and shedding light on evil, debunked evil or not.









We’re Not In Kansas Anymore Toto

I submitted this letter to the local paper, “The Conway Daily Sun,” on December 5, 2017, in hopes that shedding some light on the darkness of this world. I highly doubt that the editor will print this article, yet I tried anyway. Evil is real, and though I usually do not post “Conspiracy Theories” on this site, it is my blog and I felt the need to get it out there. Be warned, although the language is safe the content within is disturbing. Remember, the truth will set you free!!

To the Editor;
I find the era that we live in to be coarse, gritty, and perturbing. The America that I was taught about in Civics class at Bartlett Elementary school back in my tween years seems to be a thing of the past. Almost as if the America that was meant to be by our Free-Mason fore-fathers, was nothing but a dream. The reality of what our once fine country has turned into could possibly give even Quentin Tarantino nightmares. The path this country is currently on seems to be like a screenplay from M. Night-Shyamalan. Pizza-Gate Pedophilia, Cern killing God, and Trans-Humanism, make me want to tighten the grip on my tinfoil hat very snugly. The men from the “Greatest Generation,” my grandfather’s generation, must be rolling over in their graves. It amazes me how the “Elite” class or wealthy, powerful, and rich 1% of our country can get away with the heinous acts of Occult ritualism, human sacrifice, and worship to the dark lord behind closed doors, yet nobody is the wiser. Keanu Reeves, a former multi-million dollar actor who portrayed “Neo” in the Matrix trilogy, has done his best to distance himself from the Holly-Wood Elite class due to some of the things that he saw while he was an up and coming actor in California. If you do not believe in certain “Conspiracy theories,” or are just unaware of the massive pedophilia ring encompassing the Hollywood mega-stars and the large number of Federal employees located in DC, I urge you to do a little research on Pizza-gate. Google the Podesta brothers + McCann + Portugal and see what comes up. Better yet Google Reeves + Elite and buckle up. Things that go bump in the night are very real, and are at work, at this very moment, in the dark rooms and vaults of the large ultra-wealthy around the country and the world at large. How could Hillary Clinton not know that the very Chairman of her presidential campaign was a pedophile?
You tell me.
I hate to present these things and honestly wish that the world was a better place and the acts of hate, pain, and torture did not exist, Especially during this season. The unfortunate reality is that both good and evil exist on this planet and it is up to us to bring these things to light. All things are being revealed and nobody is safe from the judgment that comes when this life is over. Do I wish that I could fly out to California or DC and hold these evil people accountable? You bet I do. As a simple citizen of the mountains, however, all I can do is my part to help shed light into the darkness. Evil is real, and as the great Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

They call the 2045 Initiative a “Strategic Social Initiative.” What is it? Trans-humanism.

Please read the Manifesto located at the link below before commenting on this thread as I have decided to analyze it using my own personal beliefs and opinions.

The 2045 Strategic Social Initiative is quite a name. The name, quite frankly, is a mouth full. I tend to be wary of names that need to be looked up before they are understood, but I digress.

The 2045, “Strategic Social Initiative,” or well planned, and financed, effort to change the way people think about trans-humanism, is the projected goal of immortality for those who have the means to get it. This is not a joke. IMMORTALITY by 2045. Science leaders, hired by the wealthy Elite class, from around the world are working with robotics specialists, politicians, mass media personalities, and businessmen among others to reach the goal of implanting the human consciousness into a computer, machine, or robot, by the year 2045, while also getting the masses to support this.

I agree, with some of the initial statement in the 2045 SSI manifesto, “Mankind has turned into a consumer society standing at the edge of a total loss of the conceptual guidelines necessary for further evolution. The majority of people are almost exclusively absorbed in merely maintaining their own comfortable lives.”

We have turned into a consumer society. True. Most people are also very absorbed in keeping their comfy lives intact. The manifesto has an odd way of relating to us, almost purposely striking chords in our hearts that compel us to agree.
We are standing at the edge of our “further evolution.”Absolutely true, however, I in no way believe that any technology can truly help us evolve, or grow as a species. Quite the contrary in fact. Human beings need a spiritual evolution and iPhones and Segways will not “Save us,” from the so-called limitations of our physical bodies which are prone to disease and death. These technological devices are slowly destroying the most important part of the human experience which is, human interaction. Human beings can not even mature into adulthood without constant human interaction and supervision for the first decade or so of our lives. Our phones are the most widely internet accessed devices to date. For a large part of the internet, and almost all tech these days draws us into these so-called “Social Networks.” Using these social apps creates a digital experience which is supposed to make us all closer, as a society. The fact is, however, social networks are doing the exact opposite. They should be called anti-social networks. Parents, children, spouses, and families relationships are suffering due to the fact that so many people are spending so much time in their individual digital worlds. I believe that we can already see the society as a whole changing because of the suffering of such intimate and personal human relationships. Relationships in which define the very fabric of who we are as individuals.

Trending now America, your phone knows more about your children then you do.

The manifesto goes on to state that “Science working for the satisfaction of consumer needs will not be able to ensure a technological breakthrough towards a radically different way of life.”This may be somewhat true also, however, history has shown us that the only other reason that technologies have advanced in the past were for purposes of war.
Which reason is better? I’ll let you be the judge.

Moving on to claim that “the world needs a different ideological paradigm,” will not start an argument with me either. The way we as a society view ourselves, our values, our neighbors and our belief systems seem to be askew from what it ought to be. Most know in their hearts what is right from what is wrong. Maybe the fear of God, the almighty creator, has left the hearts of men and all of society is now suffering because of it. Religion was supposedly built to help each of us achieve a personal relationship with our creator, no matter who that may be. With that major part of our parents’ generation’s lives now almost completely amiss among the majority of today’s youth, how could we not expect a massive change in our views, actions, and beliefs as a collective?

“Ensuring the achievement of a scientific and technical revolution.”No issue with this statement. What gets me is prioritizing this new tech “for an improvement of man himself and not only of his environment.” We are what we make and we reap what we sow. Earth is a paradise or a prison. Your choice. We as a species have everything we need. Other than our mortality what really is wrong with the human condition? Sure disease, death, and war are rampant, but are not most of these man-made problems? Other than death, these problems could surely be corrected with the right mindset on the right people in the right places at the right time. Call me an optimist, but I still believe in humanity and have faith that we are here for a reason and to live forever on this plane is not what that reason is. To defy aging and death or “to overcome the fundamental limits of the physical and mental capabilities currently set by the restrictions of the physical body,” as the SSI puts it, is to alter the human experience into something completely different. We would no longer be human if we were to undergo the transformation of our consciousnesses into a machine, or robot-like bodies. We would then be In-Human which is oddly similar to inhumane.

Sure, having the ability to live forever with multiple bodies capable of amazing feats may sound intriguing and almost downright incredible in fact. I ask all considering this, however, were we meant to live forever? Were human beings meant to withstand the winds of time and endure long after that of our predecessors? I suppose if you are an atheist or agnostic, this may seem like a plausible solution. I personally would not want to rob my spirit of the experience that comes from this life or the departing of it. Many people have had near death experiences and come back stating that there is something after this life. That they saw their own bodies after death, yet were still fully aware that their bodies were dead, and yet somehow have had post life experiences eerily similar to those experiences of others who also have had such episodes. Tunnel’s, white lights, angels, other spirits, whatever the case, these near-death experiences mostly end with the individual coming back completely assured of a life after death. I personally know in my heart that this life, on this plane, is but a blink of our existence as a whole. Search your heart and see if the same conclusion reveals itself to you. To transfer a human beings consciousness from mind and body to a machine seems like it would be robbing whoever did so of the eternity we are all entitled to. An eternity far from this existence. An eternity where love is the air that we breathe. Unless said person is convinced that this plane is all that there is, or that a place where a person would be headed after death is not a positive one, in which case maybe they know something that the rest of us do not know? Maybe the elite behind this massive scheme to thwart “God’s Plan” for us are just scared to leave this plane of existence because of what they have done while they were here? Scared of Hell possibly?

No matter what the true reason for the thinking and reasoning behind the massive push to get artificial bodies made and human consciousness transfers a reality, the truth is, we would be kidding ourselves to really believe that this kind of technology would be made readily available to any person on the planet who was willing to do it. Only the Elite will be eligible for anything like this, and I can’t think of any reason why everyone on this earth would be transferred to a computer or robotic consciousness for free. Just remember the next time that you see or hear of a movie, computer game, book, tv, radio, or internet program promoting AI, immortality, multiple body techs or cyborg development, that the 2045 SSI was probably behind it.


Addiction Taints Even Americas Best of the Best



opiatesnomomre.wordpress.com- We all know that the United States militarily has Elite Units in which honor and valor are their top priorities. The Army has the Rangers, The Air force has the Special Operations unit, and the Navy has the Elite Navy Seals. These top units are the best of the best in our line of defense against the world’s evils. Surprising as it may be to hear, the respected Navy SEALS are currently speaking out publicly about a previously unknown Drug Abuse problem within their units.


Three Navy NEAL’s, all in different points within their careers, spoke to David Martin of CBS NEWS on camera April 11, 2017, under the condition of anonymity, with both disguised faces and voices. The SEALS were concerned about backlash.


One of the SEALs speaks out saying, “I’m sitting in this chair because I’m not proud anymore to be in the community because of the direction that it’s going.”


Another SEAL shares that, “People that we know of, that we hear about have tested positive for cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy.” “That’s a problem.”


When asked by reporters how prevalent drug use is in SEAL teams the answer in that, “It’s growing.” , “The Drug Use, it’s growing,” a SEAL reports.


An undisclosed email from the end of last year shows that the Navy SEALs stopped all training and an ordered safety stand-down was issued due to the problem of Drug Abuse within the SEAL units.


Capt Jamie Sands, of the 900 SEALs on the East Coast commanding officer states,

“I feel like I’m watching our foundation, our culture erode in front of our eyes.”


In only 90 days as the Commanding officer, Capt. Sands, has seen five Navy SEALs booted off of teams due to Drug Use.


“I feel betrayed.” “How do you do that to us? How do you decide that it’s okay for you to do Drugs?” Sands shared.


All SEALs that are under his command were required to attend a meeting held on the Drug Problem. Those that could not attend were instructed to watch online. A “Clipped” version of the video was sent to CBS after a request was made.


Introducing Sands was his chief of staff who spoke to what he called a “staggering” amount of Drug Use cases pointing to the Navy Special Operations unit of having the highest amount of drug use incidences than any other section of the fleet.


One SEAL told CBS News that “It’s a population that is supposed to be elite performers, all with classifications, to where they have national security information and responsibilities.” “That’s dangerous to my teammates.”

Another SEAL stated his concern about possibly working with a team member who is under the influence of Drugs, saying, “if we need your ability, I don’t need to be in the back of my mind thinking that, OK, can I really trust this guy? Is he 100% going to cover my back?”


The Naval Special Warfare Commander Admiral Timothy Szymanski concurred in a correspondence with CBS NEWS, stating,

‘Anything above zero [tolerence] represents a disturbing trend for this elite force, [or unit.]”


So are Navy SEALs taking Drugs because of the stress involved in high-risk operations? Not according to Capt. Sands.


“They think it was OK, [using drugs,] because they’ve seen other people do it.”

“They think [that] their teammates won’t turn them in. They [also] think it’s kind of the cool thing to do, but they think it’s OK,” Sands reports.


Any SEAL who turns in his own “brothers,” does so at high risk to himself.


“You stand up for what’s right, and you get blackballed, or driven out,” One of the SEALS pointed out.


A separate SEAL acknowledged the comment, stating that “It’s a career killer,” to turn in another SEAL.


All active duty military personnel, including Special Operations members, are held to a random urine screening policy. Unfortunately, though history has shown that most personal are not held to this policy when away from their bases, or deployed. Their individual skill sets make them very important assets. Because of this, they spend most of their time away from their base. Several SEAL’s currently on active duty status mentioned that they had not been asked to provide a urine sample in years.


The Commander called a mandatory meeting to confront the drug problem. It seems like he is doing something about this problem. One of the SEALs interviewed stated that “it has gotten to the point where he had to deal with it.”

“We’re going to [urine] test on the road.” “We’re going to test on deployment. If you do drugs, if you decide to be that selfish individual, [who uses drugs,] which I don’t think anyone’s going to do after today. I believe that. Then you will be caught,” Capt. Sands said in the video.


Another SEAL admitted, “I hope he’s somebody that we can rally behind and hold people accountable, but I’m not sure at this point.”


When the safety stand down was called, every SEAL had to provide a urine sample for drug screening. One which had been found with cocaine in his system a few months ago had failed this drug screen for prescription pills. This individual is being booted from the SEALs.


It seems as though a first failed urinalysis results in a warning, whereas the second resuexpulsionpultion, however, this is just specullation on my part. I believe that each case is addressed differently. When one of the SEALs who was present at the meeting was asked if CBS NEWS could speak with him again, he stated that “[Yes,] We need help.”


I wonder if there is any assistance for any active duty personal who are fighting a drug abuse problem?

I know that simply giving a warning, then expelling them is not the answer. These people have invested to much time, and the government has invested to much money into these individuals. Consertive invested amounts say around $200,000 dollars. Others say it takes upwards of several million dollars to create or train a navy SEAL. We simply cannot waste these taxpayer dollars. Financial reasons aside, these are people. We need to help these SEALs, not expell them.


Source- http://www.cbsnews.com/news/navy-seal-drug-use-staggering-investigation-finds/

Picture credit to: popularmilitary.com

Opioid addictions “Highs” and “Lows”

Opioids, whether a legal prescription or street heroin are very highly addictive. Heroin an illegal opioid is very becoming The United States most abused opioid. Created from morphine which is found in opium it is a substance which is removed from the seedpod of the poppy.


Heroin is often purchased as a white or brown colored powder. “Black Tar” is also a form of heroin, which is the dirtiest, a sticky black substance. A stronger purity of heroin is quickly becoming more widespread, however, most street heroin is cut with things like starch, quinine, sugar, or powdered milk. Black tar is the most dangerous;s type of heroin, especially when injected.


Strychnine and other poisons have been found to be present in street heroin. Addicts addicted to heroin have no idea of either the heroin’s potency or the real contents of the drug in which they are most times injecting. This puts a higher risk of overdose or death on heroin addicts compared to other opioid addicted addicts. Heroin addicts also are at a higher risk of blood-borne illness or diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis B due to injecting and sharing dirty needles.


An Opioid “High”

Compared to other illegal drugs like cocaine or meth, heroin is less recreationally and more often is used to self-medicate a pain and or emotionally related issue. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) extreme daily ache and pains, or a socially and financially deprived background are usually indicators or reasons to become addicted.

Taking heroin on a regular basis can make changes in thought processes, changes in feelings and changes in emotions.  Most addicts experience extreme relief from suffering emotional, physical, and psychological issues when taking heroin or opioids. Probably why the terrible possible consequences of heroin and or opioid abuse, are not considered. Euphoria and satisfaction are feelings addicts will receive after taking the drug. This is especially enticing for people who have nervous tendencies or social and other anxiety. Some addicts claim a feeling of warmth and security is provided by heroin or opioid use, the truth is security is never provided to an individual by any drug use. Heroin is very effective in combating physical pain. People with lower pain tolerances or have a chronic illness may have a higher tendency to become addicted.


Withdrawal from opioids

Most anybody who becomes addicted to heroin can expect to experience severe withdrawal symptoms when the drug isn’t available. Symptoms of opioid withdrawal can increase in severity depending on the amount of use and frequency of use for an individual addict. “Dope Sickness,” or withdrawal symptoms can begin from 6-12 hours from last dose and peak between 1 and 3 days subtly subsiding over the course of the following 5-7 days. Addicts in some cases have experienced opioid withdrawal symptoms for up to weeks or months after use has subsided. Long lasting withdrawal is called “Acute Withdrawl syndrome.”

Heroin doesn’t tend to hang around very long once acquired by an addict. An addict may have already taken enough of the drug to not be dope sick, but will still have cravings leading to more use of the drug.

Big Pharma Perdue Fights OxyContin Addiction With IPhone App

March 31, 2017, C. Spinney opiatesnomore.wordpress.com- Big Pharma has taken a lot of hits in being suspected of major moves contributing to the massive Opioid Epidemic now facing America. The Pharma giant’s 1990’s era marketing push for the then branded low addictive possibility drug, is being blamed for the over 165,000 prescription painkiller overdoses in 1999 America. Recent findings are showing huge increases in heroin use and opioid addiction, especially in young white American males.

Can a huge Pharma entity curb the problem that it has had such a huge part in creating an app?

Pharma giant Perdue is partnering up with Geisinger Health System of Pennsylvania to try and find out just that. The OxyContin producer has sponsored a study using the digital information;n from an Apple and iPhone app. In the app chronic pain suffers will log in symptoms.

With this information, Doctors can monitor and better understand patients and their diseases so they may better prescribe dangerously addictive pain meds only when necessary.

Some believe this is just a push for Perdue to gain some positive press.

“I’m sure [Purdue is] looking for some positive press out of this, [so they can] say, ‘We’re trying to make things better,'” Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School professor Robert Jamison told BuzzFeed News.

Claiming nothing but the purest of intentions, Purdue affirms the halo around their head is none other than an honest attempt at helping to curb this health crisis. Perdue in the past has paid for drug monitoring programs aimed at helping doctors better see the risks of addiction in certain patients.

Perdue isn’t alone. Other big Pharma and insurance companies have made a recent push into helping with the current opioid addiction epidemic. New narcotic painkiller-dispensing ideas, as well as opioid alternative treatments, exist to help curb the battle.


Learn more about Opioid Addiction, Buy my book:


Source: http://fortune.com/2017/03/30/purdue-apple-iphone-opioid-app/