The Rat Race

An insight to the life of an active addict.

He wakes up early. Very early. Before sunrise, (if he even slept at all.) Either  he didn’t have enough to get through yesterday, or nothing at all. Detoxing. First thing is light a cigarette. Wait, scratch that. All out. Head to the bathroom. Stomach ache. Bowel movements are very irregular for an addict. If he is “High,” He could go days without one. Not today. Been 16 hours since his last “Dose.” Painful. Feels like dying on the throne. He will spend the rest of the day scared of an accident and in stomach pain if he doesn’t “Get Right.” No breakfast. Not until this agony ends. Probably a cup of coffee which is no help for the symptoms. Any money left? Yes $20 stashed away. Its the day after payday and it’s all that’s left. Quick text message and he is off down the road. He runs into “The Guy’s” house. Looks like a scene from 8mile. Does the deal and immediately has to get high no sooner is “The Stuff” off the scale. Snort, shoot, smoke. Doesn’t matter. Sniffing is the quickest way to feeling better. No prep time. This will only last a few hours at best. Wasn’t even enough to take the edge off. Kill the stomach ache. Maybe. Spends the rest of the day looking for quick cash. Odd jobs, trading, burglary, theft. Whatever needs to be done to not feel like dying. This literally is an average day for a heroin/opioid addict. The two are one in the same. Prescription opioids are the synthetic counterpart to Heroin. Once a prescription drug addict realizes how much cheaper heroin is, (about $20 a hit,) It’s usually not a hard decision. Heroin is cheaper and stronger. For the addict it’s a no brainer.


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